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The Highlander’s Sword

Swept up in the turmoil of 14th century Scotland, Lady Aila Graham is destined for the convent until her brother’s death leaves her an heiress.  Soon she is caught in the conflict between the hastily arranged marriage with a Highland warrior, the Abbot’s insistence that she take her vows, the Scottish Laird who kidnaps her, and the traitor from within who betrays them all.  Yet none realize this quiet, flame-haired beauty has secrets of her own.

Padyn MacLaren, a battled-hardened knight, returns home to the Highlands after years of fighting the English in France.  MacLaren bears the physical scars of battle, but it is the deeper wounds of betrayal that have rocked his faith.  Arriving with only a band of landless knights and war-weary soldiers, MacLaren finds not a hero’s welcome, but his land pillaged and his clan scattered.  Determined to restore his clan, he sees Aila’s fortune as the answer to his problems.  Yet this outwardly shy lass is nothing he expected and everything he needs.



Aila entered her father’s solar with some difficulty, her feet growing heavier with every step. Confirming her fears, MacLaren stood next to her father. The two imposing men stared at her, saying nothing. This could not be good. Her father folded his large arms across his massive chest and turned to MacLaren.

Aila was struck at the change in MacLaren. She had known him years ago when he had been a friend to her brother. The warrior now before her hardly resembled the braw, cocksure young man who had left Scotland to fight the English in France. He looked older, his slate eyes cold. A red scar carved a wicked path from the corner of his left eye down to his chin.

“Well?” demanded her father.

MacLaren looked her up and down in a manner that brought heat to her face.

“Aye, I’ll have her.”

Aila’s mouth dropped open, and she stared at one then the other. MacLaren frowned and turned to Laird Graham.

“Ye’ve no’ told her then?”

“I’ve told no one,” replied her father. “Watch yer back, laddie. I warrant there will be some what will take offense to yer marriage.”




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"Against the backdrop of 14th-century Scotland, the talented Forester has constructed a highly entertaining debut romantic comedy...  plenty of intrigue keep the reader cheering all the way."    - Publisher's Weekly

"A masterful storyteller, Amanda Forester brings new excitement to Scottish medieval romance!" 
~ Gerri Russell, award-winning author of To Tempt a Knight

"THE HIGHLANDER’S SWORD will keep you on the edge of your seat and unable to stop turning the page until the very end.  The journey to love for Padyn and Aila is very sweet and will keep you enthralled."
~ Romance Junkies

"A surprisingly radiant gem from a debut author."
~ Terra Studer, Yankee Romance Reviewers

"A sweet story."
~Night Owl Romance

"A great new addition to the romance genre."
~Amy Jacobs My Overstuffed Bookshelf

"A lighthearted page-turner. I had a hard time putting the book down."
~Anna Vivian, Anna's Book Blog

"A sweet book that made me wish I could visit Scotland."
~Blodeuedd, The Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

"Anyone who is looking for a good, not to graphic romance novel should really pick this up."
~ Grace Loiacono Books Like Breathing

"I completely enjoyed the clever events... well-written and interesting."
~ Kay Quintin Fresh Fiction

"Refreshing... A fantastic debut for a first time author."
~ Annie, Queen of Happy Endings

"Romance, humor and a Highland mystery all rolled into one. I'm looking forward to reading more from Amanda Forester."
~ Wendy Hines, Wendy's Minding Spot

"The Highlander's Sword will keep you on the edge of your seat and unable to stop turning the page until the very end.
~CinLee, Romance Junkies

"The Highlander's Sword is the perfect read if you're in the mood for a little escape. Aye, the Highlands are calling."
~ Gannon, The Romance Dish

"The budding romance between Aila and MacLaren is beyond sweet and seeing them not only get to know each other more but also themselves was fun to read."
~Wendy The Book Lush

"The flow and ebb of The Highlander's Sword holds you enchanted till the last page."
~Tori, Smexy Books

"You get the romance, the tension, and a story you'll enjoy from beginning to end."
~The Long and Short of It