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A Wedding in Springtime - Coming May 2013

Five minutes into Miss Eugenia Talbot's presentation at court, notorious rogue Mr. William Grant makes her laugh before the queen, ruining her debut. To hush up the scandal, Genie needs to make a brilliant marriage, and fast.  Genie's aunt hires a matchmaker to find a suitor—anyone except the infamous William Grant—but amiable Genie shows a disturbing tendency to follow her heart.  When a traitor creeps closer, threatening to ruin more than just Eugenia's reputation, her kindheartedness may be her ultimate undoing...

Mr. William Grant has a lamentable reputation of a rogue, and does everything in his power to enhance it—all the better to keep marriage minded misses away.  Yet in Genie Talbot he finds a different sort of lady than the simpering debutant he takes pains to avoid.  Genie's unique perspective has him questioning his errant lifestyle, and even volunteering to help a friend catch a spy.  Drawn into a dangerous world of deceit and intrigue, he is shocked to discover the most valuable thing he has to lose is his heart.



Grant found that instead of the artwork he was admiring Miss Talbot. In the sunlight, the golden curls of the young miss shimmered like gold. Her face was lovely, truly a great beauty. Gowned in  white muslin her form was perfect, slender and curvy in all the right places. She flashed azure eyes at him with a warm smile. He smiled in return, unable and unwilling to stop himself.

“Beautiful,” said Grant.

Genie nodded. “The art collection is amazing.”

“The pictures are quite fine too,” said Grant with a smile guaranteed to raise the blood pressure of any eligible (or ineligible) female.

But Eugenia Talbot returned his gaze without so much as a blush. “Mr. Grant, I can see you are quite incorrigible, and take pains to live up to your reputation.”

“My reputation? My dear girl, you have been in London only a handful of weeks at best. How can you possibly know my reputation.”

“I know what my aunt has told me,” said Genie in a soft tone so her relatives could not hear.

Grant motioned for Genie to sit on a settee at the far end of the drawing room. Genie glanced around, but Louisa and her aunt were still within sight, though paying them no mind.

“Now tell me, of what has your aunt to accuse me?” asked Grant in a similar hushed tone.

“Only that you are a notorious rake and that I can in no way amend my tattered reputation by boasting an acquaintance with you.”

“Your aunt is correct, I fear. I shall not be accused of misleading you in the matter.”

“Your honesty is commendable. I also expect you would not wish an association with me.”

“You intrigue me. Why ever not?”

“I believe I am now considered a social leper. I only say so to warn you against forming an unwise acquaintance.”

Grant stifled a laugh. No woman had ever warned him against her. “Surely it cannot be as bad as all that.”

“Oh but it is. At least according to my aunt, nothing could be worse. I am considering getting a bell to ring and shouting ‘unclean, unclean’ whenever I enter a room so as not to catch unsuspecting persons in my web of social ruin.”

At this pronouncement Grant laughed heartily, causing Lady Bremerton to give them a sharp look before returning to her engaging gothic novel. “You do make me laugh,” he whispered when he had better control of himself.

“Yes, I have a great enjoyment of laughing, as well you know. Though perhaps my humor can be ill-timed when provoked!” Genie whispered in return, her eyebrows frowned into a little pucker Grant found adorable.

“Ah, yes, again let me convey my sincere apologies for my role in your...”

“Ruin?” suggested Genie.

“In the unfortunate incident. I was having difficulty restraining myself.”

“So I noticed, but unfortunately no one noticed it was you who laughed first.” Miss Talbot crossed her arms in front of her.

Despite her good humor, Grant could tell he had unwittingly caused her pain and a rarely used sense of chivalry surged within him. She was correct, he had laughed first, which he did not consider his fault in the least, however he was conscious that the wink might be considered poor form.

"I am glad to have found you with spunk and not a missish little thing,” said Grant.

“If I was missish I would not be in this trouble.”

“But then you would not have had the pleasure of making my acquaintance, since I avoid debutants as a general rule.” confessed Grant.

“Are you one of those men who think nothing of riding neck-or-nothing to win some ill-conceived bet, but tremble at the thought of a debutante ball?”

“William Grant, Esquire, at your service, Miss Talbot.”

“At least you can have no fear of a debutante ball in my regard, it is all cancelled now according to my aunt, for who would come? I fear I shall be packed back to the farm with all due haste. I am disappointed I could not better represent my family. We have not been close and I had not expected my aunt to sponsor my debut into society.”

“She brings you out because you are a diamond of the first water, and she wishes you to add to her own social standing by sponsoring the most beautiful debutant of the season.”

“You are funning with me.”

“Indeed, I am in earnest.”

Miss Talbot gave him a discerning gaze, so open and blunt he was inclined to squirm like an errant schoolboy. “I do not believe you are unfamiliar with giving a lady a compliment. Your sweet words flow from well-practiced lips.”

“My word! I would not think a person so young as yourself to be so jaded!”

“I have four brothers, sir. I fear I was cured of naive notions regarding men at an early age.”

“Ah, with you I can get away with nothing. And here I was trying to make a good impression. I’m a shocking rake, it’s true. Despite this, I can say with complete honesty that though I have seen many a pretty girl, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever beheld.”

Grant had on more than one occasion flattered without thought, but as he spoke he realized this time his words were true. In response, he had the pleasure of seeing Miss Talbot’s cheeks grow pink at last.

“Stop trying to gammon me. I can see you are quite a rogue.”

“True, but now that your reputation is ruined you can dance with me at the next ball.”

“But you do not go to balls attended by debutants,” reminded Miss Talbot. “Besides, I find it very unlikely I will receive any invitations after my shocking lack of propriety.”

“Leave it to me. My fault you’re in this fix. Must set it right!” Grant took her gloved hand and held it between his hands, delighting in the way her slender fingers naturally curled around his. “I hereby claim the first dance, and I will have it.”





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