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The Wrong Highland BridegroomOrphaned at a young age, Lady Kate Ashton and her brother have spent most of their lives on the high seas, seeking to restore their family fortune through somewhat dubious means. After that kind of adventure, Kate knows she won’t ever be accepted as a proper society lady. 

To the annoyingly clever, temptingly handsome, and altogether troublesome Earl of Wynbrook, society ladies are a dead bore. Kate, on the other hand, is scandalous, alluring, and altogether fascinating. 

And Kate can’t decide which she relishes more, the thrill of chasing fearsome pirates, or having Wynbrook chase after her…

Entertaining signature trinity of danger, intrigue, and dry wit.  ~ Publishers Weekly

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The Wrong Highland BridegroomTheir attraction is forbidden
All Highland warrior Gavin Patrick wants is to get back to his native Scotland. But before he can leave the battlefields of France, he's given a final mission—escort Lady Marie Colette to her fiancé. Under no circumstances is he to lay hands on the beautiful, clever-tongued matter how desperate the temptation.

Their desire, undeniable
Forced to pose as a married couple to make their escape, Gavin and Colette find themselves thrown into peril...and each other's arms. As the danger mounts, so does their forbidden passion. When Colette is taken from him Gavin must choose—will he jeopardize his honor, defy his promise, and fight to win her back?

Forester keeps the effortless plot moving at a swift pace. Readers will be mesmerized from the very first page. ~ Publishers Weekly Starred Review

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